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I started writing poetry when I was five years old. I had gone to Sunday School and learned about Jesus. I wrote a poem of five or six lines. I do not remember what I wrote, only that I wrote.

In seventh grade, we were given the assignment to write a haiku. For some reason the haiku form that we were given differs a bit from the generally accepted form, but I wrote.

See that big lily pad?

That’s where I last saw dad.

It was green, and he was mean;

So, now one’s really sad.

I wrote another one, but I don’t remember all of it – something about “I am so high I can see the British Isles – talking about a bird. The one above, of course, is about a big old toad frog. He must have been skewered and put on somebody’s plate for dinner. Frog legs are a delicacy, you know!

As the years passed, I continued to write poetry. At the age of 16, I wrote a poem entitled, “Oh, Silence is Deafening.” During my senior year in high school, it was published in the School Newspaper. I was a member of the journalism class and was talking with one of my peers about things we had written. I mentioned it, and she asked to read it. After she read it, she took it to our teacher, who then asked me to include it in the next publication of our paper. I was astonished that someone wanted to publish somethin I had written.

When I married and moved away from home, my Daddy game me a subscription to the “Writer’s Digest” as a Christmas gift. His dream for me was to one day see me a published author.

I continued to write as I traveled through life. Three children and seven grandchildren later, I am finally becoming a published poet. I hope to continue being published, not just by me – but by others too.

Thank you for reading and for viewing my page. I appreciate the support with which everyone is gifting me. Please encourage others to view my site. Soon, I hope to upgrade to my own domain. I hope you will all be there to cheer me on!


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